7 Ways to Grow Your Business Online

Here are some quick and free ways to help you grow your online business. It is not enough to have a website and expect the sales to start flowing in without putting in some ground work first.

Before you begin any online strategy or digital marketing plan, make sure you implement these simple steps to grow your online business and online presence.


Google has become so clever that not only can it identify keywords in your content, it can also ready & understand this content and figure out if what you’re writing about is related to your topic.

To have a decent ranking on Google, you must deliver high-quality and engaging content. Research related keywords to your topic, included external and internal links and high quality images or video content to all your posts on your website.


Probably one of the most important features you need to remember when building a website is that it is responsive – that means that it works seamlessly on all devices (mobile/tablet/desktop etc)

We have seen a rapid increase not only in mobile users on websites, but also making transactions on websites so it is important to have an easy to navigate site ready for your users.


Social Media is one of the most powerful tools in your business and your integration from your website to these platforms is important to prove your online presence.

Even better make sure you link your website or specific URL to a product/service in your social media posts.


Also called up-selling or cross-selling, many businesses are now adapting the European and US trends of diversifying their businesses to accommodate for other services and products.

For example, you’re a hair or beauty salon – start selling hair/beauty products and vouchers online and in store. You’re an online shoe shop – when a user is in the check-out section of your site or clicks on the product let related items appear to them such as shoelaces & shoe protection kits.


Email marketing is the most reliable way to communicate with your website visitors. Start building an email distribution list straight away by offering a sign-up feature on your website. Even better – distribute a monthly digital newsletter on your social media channels with this feature built in. One click of a button and you will grow your email and market your product/services to customers who have a genuine interest in your business.


Networking is an amazing, proven strategy to make connections in your industry that can further your career and these days you no longer have to wait for the next local networking event to do so.

With LinkedIn, you can network anytime and anywhere from the convenience of your laptop or mobile phone.


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