Instagram Shopping

instagram shopping - tara daly marketing

What’s shopping on Instagram all about?

Shopping on Instagram allows customers a new way to engage and shop with your brand. It lets your Instagram page turn into a visual storefront, where Instagram users can browse your product range without leaving the platform

How does shopping on Instagram work?

Instagram Shopping allows online retailers to link to products on their own websites, and list particular pieces of product information such as the price.

This is a much clearer vision compared to the more traditional way of selling goods on the platform, notorious for not having links in photo captions, which was where sellers would caption product photos with “link in bio”. Whereby the link in the biography under the profile section at the top of their page would link through to the desired page in question

Use Instagram as a Marketplace

If a customer sees an item they like on the platform, but there’s no way for them to buy the item or link to your site, you risk losing that sale!

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